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Be a Friend

Where will we be in the end?
Will we still be someone’s friend,
When their love has all been spent,
Will we still have love for them?
Will our hearts be open
When their lives are broken?
Or will we just give a token smile
And still stay lonely all the while?

Don’t be afraid, be a friend
Let love capture you again
Let this love take you by the hand
And we will go to unknown places
Rediscovering the traces
Of what was lost when we decided
To insulate ourselves

What’s the key to success in life?
What’s the me in the how and the why?
What’s the reason for all this strife
When we all had one blood?
When we all all one love
When we all have one breath
When we all have one life
When we all have one death

Open the door

We’re deciding
To open up the door
To trust again once more
We’re deciding
To let our hearts run free
Now our blind eyes will see